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3 of the net’s best lockdown desks

Living rooms, bedrooms and hallways around the world have suddenly been transformed into makeshift offices. We thought we’d showcase what we believe to be the best 3 lockdown desks / lockdown desk locations on the web.

3. The not-quite-ready lockdown desk

The only work that would get done in this office, for the next while anyway might be some DIY. Even then I think it might be hard to take your eyes off the view. We’re loving it, hope you finish it soon Delta!

2 – The Peloton standing lockdown desk

A genius idea, work those legs and taking in the beautiful view whilst working the day job. Sign me up! You just need a standing desk and a Peloton, the view is optional but definitely helps!

1. The lockdown ship desk

In at number 1 and who could argue with this, an oceanic home office with a constantly changing backdrop. Heaven is! Check the lines, are we having lunch yet? If you’re isolating you may as well be isolating and what better way to do it that this? Hats off, Alan! We salute you.

(Main photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels)

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