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Drones delivering doses

With much of the world in the grip of the Coronavirus pandemic, people’s daily lives have been drastically altered, and routines curtailed. Trips to the shop, daily walks, and family visits all now have to be carefully planned. Another problem for many is access to prescriptions, particularly for those sections of the population who are being encouraged to stay housebound. However, an innovative trial in Ireland might just have the answer to this dilemma … drones!

Originally established to deliver fast-food to students, the Manna Aero company has partnered with the Irish Health Authority and is now using its fleet of drones to drop off medicines and other supplies to residents in Moneygall, a rural outpost. The autonomous flying craft have the capacity to carry a 4kg cargo, and with over 500 similar locations in Ireland, the scheme could eventually be expanded, possibly even into the UK.

There’s not always a positive ending with drone stories though, as this viral video of two bears being disturbed by one on a mountain ridge shows (DISCLAIMER: There is a happy ending!).

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