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Will self-driving cars be on our roads any time soon?

Cruise – a car self-driving start-up – General Motors, and Honda have finally launched a driverless car, after its unveiling was delayed from 2019.

Named Cruise Origin, the vehicle is electric-powered, has no foot pedals or steering wheel, and is designed to be shared, rather than owned by an individual.

Cruise’s Chief Executive Dan Ammann, explained at the San Francisco launch that the model isn’t yet in production, and not had any approval for road use, so work on the concept was ‘far from done’.

Other car manufacturers, for example Volkswagen, are also attempting to harness artificial intelligence in the race to have the world’s first usable driverless car but, after various deaths involving driverless motors, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing them on our roads in the immediate future.

While we wait to be chauffeured by our own vehicles, check out the sites below for contemporary cars that you can drive yourself!

(Photo Credit: Cruise)

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