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Is veganism the way forward for sports stars?


Formula One racing driver, Lewis Hamilton; former heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson; ex-England striker, Jermaine Defoe … they’re all vegan.

For decades it’s been assumed that meat was an essential part of any top sport star’s diet, but is that belief now coming to an end?

There are now a number of high-profile athletes who have subscribed to a vegan diet, in order to improve – not only – their performance, but also their general health e.g. Tennis’ Serena Williams, and cricketer Peter Siddle.

And it’s not only the well-known who are getting in on the act.  Fiona Oakes set up the ‘Vegan Runners’ running club over 15 years ago, long before the plant-based diet became fashionable in the world of sport.

Recently featured in The Guardian, Oakes, a world record-breaking marathon runner, has been vegan since she was a child, and the running club she initially established now has over 4000 members.

Of course, adopting a completely vegan diet is no mean feat and advice should be taken before undertaking such an endeavour.  But, with so many sports personalities advocating the lifestyle, it might just be that veganism could soon be the norm for any aspiring athlete.

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