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Growing strawberries indoors

Packed with vitamins and antitoxidants every home should grow them

Strawberries are traditionally grown outdoors, favouring free-draining, fertile soil in a sunny or partly-sheltered area. It’s not widely known but you can actuallygrow a successful crop of strawberries indoors. Free from slugs, snails, birds (and hopefully mice) your strawberry plant may provide a better crop in your home.

When potting, choose a suitably sized container, anything around 6 inches high would suffice for a single strawberry plant. Make sure there are holes in the bottom so as not to get water logged and use well-manured soil (or even potting compost).
Place your newly-planted friend on a sunny window sill and water frequently. Feed with a tomato feed every 2-3 weeks and watch as it grows its delicious fruit.

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