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Why every office needs a succulent

Succulents are a type of plant with thick fleshy leaves or stems adapted to storing water. Not only are they easy to maintain but they bring a whole host of benefits and here’s why we think every office should have one…

Easy to maintain

Succulents are well renowned for their ease of maintenance. They need very little care and only need watered when they dry out. Less time gardening means that you’ll have more time to ….look through your emails, tidy up your paper clips and shuffle more paper. Their easy maintenance means that you won’t spend time stressing about your stressed-looking plants and more time admiring them.

Aesthetically pleasing

Things that look good can be a source of inspiration. Its always nice to take a break from the screen, having a plant such as a succulent in your office can inspire creativity and with creativity comes great things.

Air purifiers

Research from NASA has shown that succulents actually act as air purifiers. Whilst drawing down humidity from the air they capture many volatile organic compounds, these are taken to the roots of the plant and converted into plant food.


As well as purifying the air, succulents emit oxygen throughout the day and night.

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