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Turn your kitchen into a farm… of sorts

Like the idea of farming but hate the idea of cow manure in your face, long days picking rocks out of fields or having to get up at 5am to feed chickens? Well read on because now you can farm from the comfort of your kitchen.

With the MicroFarm you can grow microgreens, giving yourself and your loved ones a health boost and you get to call yourself a farmer (if you wish). The MicroFarm comes with everything you need to start your own MicroGreen farm, within days you could be growing rocket, parsley, beetroot, mustard, broccoli, alfalfa, dill and more.

Our verdict

If you enjoy the idea of growing your own food or pretending to be a farmer then we say ‘go for it’ – the MicroFarm gives you the chance to be a farmer without getting your feet muddy. You don’t need a tractor, a herd number or a collie to get started, simply plug it in, scatter your seeds and add water.

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