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A washing machine in your pocket

Like travelling, hate wearing dirty clothes? Get the eco-friendly Scrubba wash bag MINI – a washing machine that fits in your pocket

We all love to get out and explore, see new places, try new food, meet new people and experience new cultures. With this little invention, travelling has just got an awful lot easier! The Scrubba wash bag MINI is a nifty little invention that lets you wash your ‘socks and jocks’ (that’s ‘ankle-length stockings and drawers’ for you and I) on the go. Whether you’re living it up in a 2 star hotel or roughing it in a bivvy Scrubba wash bag MINI has your back… or at least your feet and your privates.

Scrubba isn’t new on the scene, in 2012 it released the original Scrubba wash bag (the world’s smallest washing machine), over 140,000 travellers bagged one to make their travels smell that little bit fresher. Owners of the original Scrubba wanted more, they wanted bigger Scrubbas and smaller Scrubbas. The Scubba wash bag MINI is their answer to the latter

Clean sock and jocks on the go.

Our verdict….

We’re definitely fans of clean underpants and socks. Clean underwear has benefits which can be appreciated not only by their wearers but by those in their close proximity. For that reason alone we would highly recommend you purchase a Scrubba wash bag MINI today.



A must have if you enjoy travel and appreciate the benefits of wearing clean underwear.

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