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Yorkshire’s Josh Wale teams up with Hobson

Barnsley’s former British Bantamweight Champion, Josh Wale, has signed with Dennis Hobson in a bid to win more titles.

Wale, 27-11-2 (13), who lost a title tilt at European level last October, has most recently been guided by Stefy Bull, but will next appear on Hobson’s July 5 show at Sheffield’s Ponds Forge Arena, which will also be co-headlined by Commonwealth Super Flyweight king, Tommy Frank.

Hobson, who has guided a number of fighters at world title level – including Ricky Hatton, Clinton Woods, Jamie McDonnell and Stuart Hall – is confident that Wale can still win honours in the sport.

“Josh’s management had come to an end with Stefy and he asked if we were interested in managing him,” explained Hobson.  “We’ve done it the right way, conducted ourselves the right way, messaged Stefy and made sure everything was above board before we got in touch with the Boxing Board of Control.  We didn’t want to be seen to poach anybody, because that’s happened to me in the past. 

“Josh has been wanting to move up in weight for a while.  We’ve had a discussion and he’s adamant he will be a stronger fighter at featherweight.  So that’s the weight he’ll campaign at, and he’s asked me to help him get to the next level.  He’s 31 now, lives really well, has never drunk nor smoked, and is a clean-living family man, so he will have that longevity about him.

“I’m really pleased to be working with him, and will be looking to get him involved in title fights from the start.  So, the show on July 5th will be a co-feature with Josh and Tommy Frank, who will also be in another title fight – whether that’s defending his Commonwealth Title, or fighting for a different belt – we’re just working on that now.  It will be a double-header of title fights, live on Freesports.  We’re delivering again for Freesports, because both Tommy and Josh are always in smashing fights. 

“I matched Josh with Stuart Hall some years ago for the Commonwealth Title, and look what Hall went on to do after he won that belt.  We helped Hall make history, he won a world title by us manouvering him into the right fight at the right time – so who knows what Josh can do.  I think there’s still titles in him, because of the way he lives.  He’s been in some tough fights and had a long career, but plenty of fighters have long successful careers, like Bernard Hopkins, and that’s because of the good lifestyle they live outside the ring – and that’s Josh. 

“We won’t be hanging about with him, we’ll be getting him into title fights or eliminators quickly.  There’s no magic wand, but I’ll go about my business and see what I can make happen for Josh.”

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