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Note[X]book, Organise your life

Hitting the Kickstarter massive today is the Note[X]book by Harun Bicakli. A well designed, refillable notebook which forces you to take the steps needed to meet your goals. If you want to get on with your list of goals then back this project.


The world’s more effective, refillable notebook

Harun Bicakli

What we love about the Note[X]book

  • The Note[X]book is refillable, order as many pages as you need.
  • Write down your short, medium and long term goals
  • Write down the steps you’ll take to achieve your goals
  • Keep track of progress
  • Encourages you not to miss a day working towards your goals
  • Use the stickers supplied to make a daily list of to-dos.

Each Note[X]book comes with 20 x ‘your goals manager’ sheets, 20 x ‘daily to do manager’ sheets, 80 x ‘notes manager’ sheets, 50 x to do stickers, 50 x notes stickers. Enough to get you well on your way to fulfilling your dream. Stop procrastinating and back this project today. Your goals are just a few strokes of an orange highlighter away!

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