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Pasta-shaped jewellery….

At $60 a piece this jewellery might cost a pretty penne though you won’t have to be ravioling in it to show your support.

‘Scotta’ is Grace Dyer’s second kickstarter project, her first being the Buddy Wrap, a cleverly-designed leather keychain for safely stowing away your headphones.

In her second kickstarter, Grace is bringing noodles of joy to the world in the form of pasta-shaped jewellery. What’s not to like about it?! Pasta-loving backers can help bring this playful project to life from just $5, though you will have to fork out $60 if you want a geometric, bronze-cast, pasta-shaped necklace of your own… and who doesn’t?

There are five shapes in the collection:

  • Elbow
  • Penne
  • Sedanini
  • Bucatini
  • Ditalini

…if only I knew a Bucatini, a Sedanini or a Ditalini, these would make the perfect present for them!

The Chicago-based industrial designer behind this project hopes to start shipping these pieces in June so get backing and let Grace start cooking!



Pasta-shaped jewellery.... you can't gnocchit

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